Reasons Why we Should Cook in Season

As you know we are big advocates of cooking seasonally. Here are just a few reasons (of the many!) for you to consider when making weekly purchasing decisions. Even the smallest change to your buying habits can make all the difference to your health and the community:

Produce that has been allowed to fully ripen tastes so much better! Sweet, juicy and full of natural flavour

We all know fresh is best when choosing what to put in our bellys. A ripe and fully developed piece of fruit or vegetable has had more sun exposure and therefore will have more antioxidants

When there is an abundance of product the price goes down. Stands to reason when something is in season ad plentiful, you will pay less! Seasonal food is more likely to be locally produced as well, which reduces the load on our environment due to transport

Our favourite reason. Getting to know where your food is coming from, who is growing your food and how they do it also makes you feel more connected to that whole process